Aura Profit Hunter Review – One to Probably Aviod!

Aura Profit Hunter

So you’ve stumbled across this Aura Profit Hunter review.  Returning readers will know I’ve spent considerable time building up a $12,500 per month business buying items on Amazon and selling on eBay.  None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for online software.  You can read about my first two months here – Step by Step Guide and Diary to Dropshipping.

Now whilst I’m an avid supporter of both Profit Scraper and more recently Pricematik, to maintain my competitive advantage I test out various online platforms to ensure I’m getting best value for money.  This week I’ve been testing Aura Profit Hunter.

Aura Profit Hunter

There are two different types of software.  Full service automated platforms and limited service products.  Aura Profit Hunter falls into the second category – a very basic version at that.

Getting Started

The members portal landing page is basic with relatively limited function capabilities.  After manually hunting for a couple of items which I knew benefitted from a price arbitrage between Amazon and eBay, I was able to enter the Amazon ASIN and pull the information from Amazon through.  The layout of Aura Profit Hunter somewhat resembles excel and whilst some may like the simplicity, the $197 price tag may suggest that it should include additional features.

Adding Items to eBay

Once the product has been scraped from Amazon there are 7 eBay listing templates to choose from. When an eBay listing has been created, the software provides an excel output which can be loaded to Turbo Lister 2 for entry to eBay.

The software supports no price monitoring or automatic ordering features, which in my opinion are a must if you want to scale a reasonable Amazon to eBay drop shipping business.

Aura Profit Hunter Review Summary

Whilst setting out knowing that Aura Profit Hunter offers a relatively limited service product, I was surprise at just how basic the product seemed to be.

The software package is lacking a couple of key components which will help to automate your business and save you considerable amounts of time going forwards.

As always I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this review.  For anyone setting out on their Amazon to eBay dropshipping adventure I’d strongly recommend you read my step by step guide to retail Arbitrage.  I’d also recommend this Pricematik software review – The platform which I’m currently testing alongside Profit Scraper and having great success with.  For anyone who’s interested Pricematik are currently offering a 14 day trial period if you use this link – Pricematik Free Trial.  I suspect it’s only going to be a limited time before they close their application page (just like Profit Scraper) due to popular demand.

Update 7/01/18 – Profit Scraper have recently reopened their membership.  Sign up now using the link below to test out the product and see what all the fuss has been about!

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