Heathrow T5 BA Galleries Club Lounge North Review

Situated close to Heathrow T5 north security, the British Airways Galleries North Lounge is the most accessible Lounges in Heathrow’s Terminal 5.  Also making it one of the busiest lounges in T5.

Who can use the BA Galleries Club Lounge North?

There are three main ways you can gain access to the T5 Galleries Lounge:

  • You are flying with British Airways in First, Club World or Club Europe;
  • You are a Silver or Gold Member of the BA Executive Club on a flight operated by British Airways (or a oneworld partner);
  • You are a Sapphire or Emerald member of any of the oneworld airline frequent flyer programs

If you don’t fall into the above category but would like to visit a lounge within Heathrow’s Terminal 5 then you may want to check out the Aspire Lounge and Spa.

If you’re to book directly through Executive Lounge the cost is £34.99.  However I’d strongly recommend signing up to the American Express Gold Card which will give you and a companion free entry.

You’ll also be able to earn 20,000 airmiles once you spend £2,000 on the card (22,000 airmiles if you’re referred by me which I’d be over the moon to do – just ping me an email at Ben @ thriftypence.com.).   Click here to read my recent Gold Card review or alternatively here to be taken to the American Express website.

How to find the Galleries Club Lounge North?

If you’re entering Heathrow T5 through north security you’ll find the lounge tucked away in the corner on the left hand side.   It’s the quickest to access and you’ll find that the majority of short haul flyers will use this as a base.  As such there’s a relatively high turnover of guests.

Galleries North Lounge Entrance


I visited the Galleries North Lounge at about 9am on a Monday morning and whilst it was heaving, I found it relatively easy to find a seat.  You will likely struggle with a family (for whom I’d recommend the BA Galleries South Lounge).

Unlike the Concorde Room or the First Class Lounge, the entrance can seem a little underwhelming however the British Airways staff always do there best to make it as pleasant as possible.

T5 Galleries Lounge North


The T5 BA Galleries Lounge is split into three main areas.  Upon arrival you’ll enter into the main lounge area with a selection of food stations, bars and causal seating.   To the right of the main lounge is an indoor terrace area with views of the runway.  On the opposite side is further seating, bars and the lounge showers.

Generally the lounge furniture is beginning to feel dated.  Also as this is the busiest T5 BA lounge the furniture has taken a real beating.  Although it would appear as though they are slowly replacing it!

Tip – I’d definitely recommend the terrace to the right.  It’s usually easier to find a seat although the negative would be that there are no bars or food serving stations.


I visited the lounge at about 9am and as such had the breakfast offering.  This is served between 5am – 12pm and comprises pastries, fruit, yogurt, toast and cereals.  Hot food is also served although the selection of bacon rolls or omelette rolls is somewhat limited.

Galleries North Lounge - Breakfast

Lunch and Dinner – Hot soup and rolls is served throughout the day with additional meals between 12pm-3pm and 6pm-10.30pm.  Food is relatively basic but more than edible.  Choices range from jacket potatoes to Thai green chicken curry.

Usually the clearing of plates etc is relatively slow within the Galleries North Lounge, however staff were doing a sterling job on the day I visited.


One thing I’ve always liked about the British Airways Galleries Lounges is the excellent choice of drinks.   Dotted around the T5 Galleries North Lounge you’ll find a number of bars.  For those who like wine, you’re best off going on a little explore.  During my visit there were 5 different wines scattered around the T5 Galleries North Lounge.  In addition to that were numerous spirits:

  • Gin – Bombay Sapphire and Gordon’s
  • Vodka – Smirnoff and Grey Goose
  • Baileys
  • Southern Comfort
  • Glenlivet Whisky
  • Baileys
  • Johnie Walker Red Label
  • The list goes on

Now the important part, Champagne is available but only on demand.  Ask one of the waiters and they’ll bring it over to you.

Additional Amenities

So what else do you get when you visit the British Airways T5 Galleries Lounge?   As with most lounges there’s a good supply of newspapers and magazines.   For those on business you can use the business area with computers and headphones.  If you’re traveling with children there’s a small kids area.

There are also shower facilities included in the T5 North Galleries lounge.  Get yourself on the waiting list nice and early as there can sometimes be quite a wait.

One thing you don’t get (or it’s more difficult to get) is access to the Elemis Spa.  Click here to read more about the Elemis Spa which is available to all guests flying long haul in either Business or First Class (or gold card members flying long haul).  The conveniently located Galleries Lounge South is far better placed for those wanting to use the Elemis Spa!

Thrifty Pence’s Final Thoughts on the Heathrow T5 BA North Galleries Lounge

Being one of the busiest lounges in Heathrow’s T5 ultimately means that it gets the most wear and tear.  Furniture is a starting to appear a little dated and it can be busy during peak times.

If you’re flying short haul, then this is by far the most convenient.  However if you have a little more time on your hands (and plan on making the most out of the Elemis Spa) then I’d recommend hiking over to the T5 Galleries Lounge South which can be reviewed here.

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed the Heathrow T5 Galleries Lounge North review.

Remember If you don’t qualify for access to BA’s business class lounge you can always treat yourself to the Aspire Lounge and Spa.  To purchase directly for £34.99 per person you can use the executive lounge booking platform.  However don’t forget to look into the complimentary access provided with the Amex Gold Cardread my recent review here.

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