What’s the best matched betting software? Reviewed and EXPOSED!

Best Matched Betting Software?

With so many new entrants to the matched betting software market over the last 24 months it can seem like a minefield choosing what the best matched betting software provider is for your needs!

Almost 10 years ago I started matched betting in an era that I tend to refer to as the ‘matched betting stone age’.  Since then a number of well-established providers have pioneered the development of matched betting software to increase the ease of access to matched betting while simultaneously reducing any risk associated with human error (the only risk of undertaking matched betting!).   I’ve been asked on numerous occasions, what the best matched betting software on the market is?

Having reviewed over 10 platforms over the last 2 months, you’ll be able to read about the good, the bad and the damn right ugly below.

Why is it useful to use matched betting software?

When I began matched betting, everything was undertaken manually using a number of different excel sheets.  Tracking odds, bets, sign ups etc was a nightmare and I know many people that failed miserably as a result of human error.

The advance in matched betting software has provided various opportunities including:

  • Free Sign Up video walk throughs
  • Oddsmatching software to reduce margins between bookies and exchanges
  • Built in odds calculators
  • Bet Tracking

Does the Matched Betting software really vary?

It’s staggering how much the various platforms change!  I tested some which had not been updated in over a year, software which is charging double their competitors for a substandard services and calculators that had bugs in them!  All three could lead to you either losing money or not making anywhere near as much as some of the best platforms.

What’s the best matched betting software on the market?

OK so now to the interesting part.   Over the last 2 months I’ve undertake detailed matched betting software reviews for the following platforms.  These are listed in my order of preference and have been broken down between what I define as full service providers and then limited service providers.

Full service matched betting software – includes a full suite of information/tools to hold your hand and automate considerable amounts of the matched betting process.

Limited service matched betting software – provides the basics to be able to undertake matched betting however once you’ve used up the initial sign up bonuses the software becomes somewhat defunct.

Best Matched Betting Software Summary
ProviderThrifty Pence RatingCosts per monthFree Software AvailableFree Trial Sign up LinkHigh Level Comments
Oddsmonkey5 stars£15YesYes – Click HereBest on the market.  If you want easy to use software with advanced feature look no further.
Matchedbets4 stars£14YesYes – Click HereCheapest software tested and similar standard to Oddsmonkey.
Profit Accumulator4 stars£17.99YesYes – Click HereLargest on the market.  Platform starting to appear dated but very functional.
Profit Squad4 Stars£17.9914 days £1£1 Offer – Click HereAccess to the full platform for £1 is very attractive.  Oddsmatcher has less matches than competitors.
Yesbets2 Stars£14.99Free trialYes – Click HereLimited number of sign up bonuses available
Profit Squirrel2 Stars£24.99NoN/ALimited service platform charging the highest rates.  One to avoid.
Pure Profit1 Star£15NoNot workingSoftware doesn’t appear to have been up dated in over 12 months.  Avoid like plague!

Oddsmonkey – Click Here for full review

Best Matched Betting Software

I have to add a caveat in here.  I’m a massive fan off Oddsmonkey and have been using the software ever since it was a odds matching service.  The team have continually improved the product.  With a free 1 to 1 30 minute session with one of their experts they’re also one of the most generous with their time!

You can sign up to the free trial which will allow you to make somewhere in the region of £45 which is more than likely to offset the first 3 months of subscription costs.   In my eyes this really is the king of kings and the best matched betting software available.

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some of these review on Trust Pilot rates the platform:

For access to their free trial just click here.

MatchedbetsClick Here for full review

matchedbets review

Matchedbets is relatively new to the market and as such I’m over the moon to include it with this Matched Betting Software Review.  I have to admit, Matchedbets provides a very similar service to Oddsmonkey.  The step by step guides are easy to following with some great advice to maximise profits.

Being slightly more expensive than the other software at £17.99 per month is the only reason I’ve given this software 4 out of 5.

For access to their free trial just click here.

Profit AccumulatorClick Here for full review

Profit Accumulator Software Review

One of the most established with over 100,000 subscriptions to date.  The software was one of the first to be launched to the market and has continued to dominate the space.  Whilst the product offering is quite simply amazing, the platform is beginning to appear somewhat dated.

For access to their free trial just click here.

Profit SquadClick Here for full review

Profit Squad Review

Generally a good product however let down by it’s oddsmatcher service.  When I undertook search on both Profit Squad and one of it’s competitors, the software had considerably less options available.  This will limit your options to offset free bets and extract as much cash as possible out of each sign up opportunity.  Whilst it’s one of the cheapest on the market, for an extra £1 per month you could make £100’s more in the long run.

For access to a 14 day trial to their premium software just click here.

Yesbets Click Here for full review

yesbets review

Whilst the software is laid out in a user friendly, I found it was missing a number of key functions that would help you to maximise you matched betting earnings.  If we focused on the sign up bonuses the software only provides just over 50 offers.  This compares with nearly 100 with the likes of Oddsmonkey, worth considering!

Profit Squirrel Click Here for full review

Profit Squirrel Software Review

The main problem I have with Profit Squirrel is its price.  At £24.99 per month it’s nearly 60% more expensive than others on the market.  Quite frankly the service offered is limited to say the least.  To make matters worse they don’t offer a free service like many of their competitors who back their own platform to perform.

If for some reason you’d still like to sign up to their overpriced software then click here to be taken directly to their site.

Pure ProfitClick Here for full review

Whats the best matched betting software?

Where do I start with Pure Profit.  The developers appear to have given up with this software.  Sign up buttons don’t function correctly, links are missing and the offers are unfortunately out of date.

One to most definitely avoid!

Matched Betting – The Risks of doing it yourself?

Whilst mathematically matched betting is risk free, there is always a risk when we are entering the inputs ourselves.  To avoid any risk of human error I’d strongly recommend signing up to one of the free trials above to launch your matched betting career!

What Matched Betting Software to use?

Now that you’ve taken the time to read the full matched betting software review, hopefully you’ll have an insight into the majority of the platforms available.  I’ve used Oddsmonkey to make in excess of £14,400 since setting out on my matched betting career at university.  I’d strongly recommend their services but also think very highly of Matchedbets and Profit Accumulator.

If you’re new to matched betting please take time to read by beginners guide to matched betting. 

Best of luck with your matched betting career.  Please do comment if you have any questions and don’t forget to share this article with friends if you think they’d benefit from some risk free cash!

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