Free Amazon Prime Membership UK – 6 month free then £39.99 for 12 months

How to get a free UK Amazon Prime Account?

Being a student has many advantages.  Whether it’s 4 hours of lectures or the 10 weeks summer holidays, students seem to get it pretty easy.  Don’t we all wish we could go back to those days!  So what if I told you that it was possible to take a trip down memory lane by signing up to a £14 online knitting course to receive free Amazon Prime within the UK.

Not possible I hear you say?  Take a look how I managed to get Amazon Prime for free by signing up to an online course through Groupon.

Who can benefit from free Amazon Prime?

Anyone living in the UK can benefit from Amazon Prime for free.  Even if you already have an account you can take advantage of this nifty free Amazon Prime hack (you’d be crazy not too!).

No matter how old, you can benefit from a free 6-month student subscription followed by a half price (£39.99 verses £79.99) membership for a further year.

How is it possible to get a free UK Amazon Prime?

The wonderful team at NUS Extra (National Union of Students) have teamed up with Amazon Prime to offer members a 6 month free Amazon Prime membership.  This is then followed by half price membership for a further 12 months.  The equivalent normal Amazon Prime membership at £7.99 per month would cost £143.82 verse £39.99 for the student deal (6 month free Amazon prime membership followed by £39.99 for 12 months).

Take a look at the small print highlighted below:

Free Amazon Prime Membership

When I was at university, many moons ago, I thought that only current university students had access to the benefits of an NUS card.  How wrong I was.

There are numerous courses online which will allow you to qualify for an NUS membership.  The best place to search for these are on Groupon – take a look at this online Artificial Intelligence Course for £19.  This is reduced from £499!

Not all online Groupon courses will allow you to obtain an NUS card or free Amazon Prime UK membership.  Make sure you read the small print.

Next step to obtain an Amazon Prime membership for free?

So you’ve just purchased you online course through Groupon.  Now simply follow the steps online to enrol yourself on the course.  You don’t actually need to undertake the course; just enrolling is all it takes to get your NUS card and subsequent free Amazon prime account.

Once you’ve enrolled onto the course you’ll need to sign up to the NUS Extra card.  Just enter the course information and make sure that you opt to have the card sent to your home address.

This is on top of the £12 annual fee for the card.  Although that’s less than a month and a halves normal Amazon Prime fee so it’ll pay for itself!

To sign up to the free Amazon Student Account using your new NUS card follow this link.  You’ll notice that as you haven’t got a university email address you’ll need to ping them an email with a copy of your NUS card.

TIP – As your NUS Card will take about a week to arrive, you can download the app and send a screen shot instead to get your 6-month free Amazon Prime membership!

What other benefits do I get from an NUS card?

Apart from the 6 month Amazon prime free membership, the NUS card has some great and nifty offers.  Have a look at a couple of the benefits below:

  • Free Fast Food! This takes me back to my university days.  With an NUS card you’re eligible for a free burger or McFlurry with any Macdonald’s meal.
  • Discounted Clothes: Numerous shops offer discounts up to 25% for anyone with an NUS card.
  • Cheap Magazine Subscriptions: NUS cardholders can get 50% off the FT or 12 copies of the economist for £1 per copy.
  • Travel Discounts: Reduced train and bus journeys
  • Discounted days out: Head to some of the UKs most popular attractions with up to 47% off. Includes the likes of Madam Tussauds, Thorpe Park

What does a free Amazon Prime Account provide?

 Unless you’ve been living in a cave in the Andes for the last 2 years, you’ll have noticed that Amazon are quite literally everywhere!  Amazon Prime members benefit from:

  • Next day free delivery (including items under £20)
  • Free access to Amazon Prime Video. This includes downloads (like Netflix and BBC Iplayer)
  • Free Amazon Prime Music (such as Spotify)
  • 2 hours delivery through Amazon Prime Now app

I’ve been using Amazon Prime to undertaken Amazon to eBay dropping shipping for some time now.  If you want to learn more about this business venture please read my beginners guide here.

Free Amazon Prime Summary

So just to recap…. it’s now possible for any UK citizen to benefit from a 6 month Amazon Prime account for free!

Whilst there are costs associated with signing up to the course and acquiring an NUS (say £28) these are more than offset by the 6 month free Amazon Prime membership and half price fee for the following 12 months!

As always we hope you’ve found this review useful!  Please do get in contact if you have any questions. Don’t forget to share this article with any friends who may benefit from a free Amazon Prime Account.

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