Heathrow Terminal 5 B BA Galleries Lounge Review

BA Business Class Lounge – Heathrow T5B

This is the last of my Heathrow T5 Galleries lounge reviews. Within the space of a couple of hours (before a flight to visit the island of Cyprus for business) I’ve managed to visit all three BA Galleries Lounges within  Heathrow’s terminal 5 finishing off at the wonderful Heathrow T5B Galleries lounge.

Galleries Lounge T5B

As seems to be the way, I started with the busiest lounge (north) situated next to security, then made my way up to the Galleries South Lounge (although quite a hike it’s definitely quieter than the north), finishing my ‘lounge crawl’ at the quietest of them all – Heathrow T5 Gallery Lounge Terminal B!

If you’re after peace and quiet this is definitely the lounge for you. However be prepared for a short shuttle journey from the main T5 terminal to Terminal 5B.

How to get to the Heathrow Galleries Lounge T5B?

From security make you way to the shuttle to B terminal. It takes about 10 minutes (give or take) from security so if you’re on a short haul flight from main terminal it may not be worth your while (unless like me you’ve arrived with plenty of time!).

Who can use the T5B Galleries Lounge?

There are 3 conventional ways you can gain access to the lounge:
– Flying with BA in Club Europe, Club World or First
– Flying with BA and are either a silver or gold card member
– You’re either a Sapphire or Emerald member of any oneworld airline frequent flyer program

If you’re not eligible to gain access to the Galleries Lounge T5B but are traveling through Heathrow Terminal 5 and would like to use a lounge then you can always head to the Aspire Lounge and Spa.  You can gain entry either by paying £34.99 (per person) via Executive Club or alternatively gaining complimentary access with the free American Express Gold Card – please read my recent review here.

Arrival to the Galleries Terminal 5B Lounge

Tucked away at the top of Heathrow’s T5B is the entrance to the third (slightly unknown) Galleries Lounge. At the time I visited the lounge there were three staff on reception (I doubt they admitted more than 3 people in a quarter of an hour period!). As such getting in to the BA Terminal B Business Lounge is always a breeze.


You’ll notice that the area is considerably smaller than the other two although at about 10am felt almost dead. One main issue I have with the lounge is the quality of the furniture. It’s tired – very tired (think back to back red eye flights tired!). Thankfully there aren’t many people in the lounge so you have your pick of seating in the Terminal 5B Galleries Lounge.

Drinks In the BA Business Class Lounge

In my eyes where the BA lounges excel beyond competitors is the choice of drinks. Whilst the range of wines if slightly less than the main terminal lounges, both of the red wines on offer appeared perfectly pleasant (I have to admit I stayed well clear at 9am in the morning).

Drinks Business Class Lounge

Like the North and South Galleries Lounges, champagne is available on request; just ask one of the helpful staff.

In addition to that were numerous spirits:
– Gin – Bombay Sapphire and Gordon’s
– Vodka – Smirnoff and Grey Goose
– Baileys
– Southern Comfort
– Glenlivet Whisky
– Baileys
– Johnie Walker Red Label
– The list goes on

Food in the BA Business Class Lounge

The food service at the smaller Galleries T5B Lounge is identical to that offered in both the North and South Terminal 5 Lounges.

It’s relatively basic but perfectly edible. I visited at about 9am and by this point I’d eaten my fair share of bacon rolls. Additional breakfast options included pastries, yogurt, toast, cereals etc and are served between 5am and 12pm. Note bacon rolls and omelette rolls are only available until 11am.

Lunch is served from 12pm to 3pm and dinner from 6pm to 10.30pm. Again food is basic, think jacket potatoes or Thai Green Curry. Whilst this is completely acceptable, if I was paying a couple of thousand pounds for my flight I’d be slightly peeved!

Additional Amenities at the ba t5b business class lounge

Another great benefit of the quieter terminal 5 B Galleries Lounge is that terminal B benefits from an Elemis Spa! Whilst it’s not guaranteed, it’s significantly easier to get a space at the Terminal B Elemis Spa.  There are two reasons for this.  One – the terminal is generally quieter.  Two – People flying first class are able to book a treatment up to 28 days in advance whereas everyone else can book on the day.  If you’re flying first you will likely use the First Class Lounge or alternatively the Concorde Room and as such nearly everyone pre-books the adjacent Elemis Spa.  The vast majority of those using T5B will have booked on the day!

Other amenities include showers, a small business lounge and a kids area.

Thrifty Pence’s Final Thoughts on the T5B Galleries Lounge

If you’re after peace and quiet then this is definitely the T5 lounge for you. You’ll need to factor in some time if you’re flying out of the main terminal however if you’re flying from either T5 B or C it’s en route. You’ll have to weigh this up the relatively unused nature of the lounge against the slightly dodgy furniture!

If you’re desperate to make the most of the complimentary Elemis Spa then again you should think about using the quiet T5B Galleries Lounge.

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed the Heathrow T5 B Galleries Lounge review.

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