Heathrow T5 BA Galleries Club Lounge South Review

A BA Business Class Lounge Review

Tucked away in the far corner of Heathrow Terminal 5, the British Airways Galleries Lounge South is one of the largest lounges in the airport.  Whilst it’s some way from security, this puts off many short haul guests (who tend to go to Galleries North Lounge) and as such it’s generally the quietest of the British Airways Heathrow T5 lounges.

Heathrow T5 Lounge

Who can use the BA Galleries Club Lounge South?

There are three main ways you can gain access to the T5 Galleries Lounge:

  • You are flying with British Airways in First, Club World or Club Europe;
  • You are a Silver or Gold Member of the BA Executive Club on a flight operated by British Airways (or a oneworld partner);
  • You are a Sapphire or Emerald member of any of the oneworld airline frequent flyer programs

If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, you can always visit the T5 Aspire Lounge and Spa.  Guests can access the lounge by paying £34.99 per person via Executive Club.  Alternatively if you sign up to the American Express Gold Card for complimentary access – please read my recent review here.

How to find the Heathrow T5 Galleries Club Lounge South?

Unless you’re a BA gold card holder (and able to use the first class check in desks) or flying first class (at which point you should be using the first or Concorde lounge) then you’ll be going airside from either north or south security.  You’ll then need to make your way downstairs and all the way to the far end to access the T5 Galleries South Lounge.

Galleries South Entrance

Make your way up both sets of escalators past the first class lounge and also the Concorde Room (as depressing as that may be) and the T5 Galleries Lounge South is situated on the top floor.

Arrival to the BA Business Class Lounge

Having made your way across from security, there are a couple of main entrances and on the numerous occasions I’ve visited I’ve never had to wait.

The initial entrance lobby is relatively informal with numerous bars, food stations and coffee machines dotted around.


As far as lounges go, the T5 Galleries Lounge South is one of the largest I’ve visited.  As such there’s a significant amount of seating.  Close to the food areas are long communal benches (presumably for those who are on a flying visit).  To both the left and right of the entrance lobby are numerous other break out areas with plenty of causal seating.

In comparison to the north Galleries Lounge which is beginning to appear somewhat tatty, the furniture has held up well (presumably as a result of less footfall!).

What’s the food like in the BA Business Class Lounge?

My visit to the lounge, coincided with breakfast which is served from 5am to midday.   Food included pastries, fruit, toast, yogurts, cereals with hot food comprising of bacon and omelette rolls.  All perfectly edible but cheap and cheerful.

For those visiting during the day, Lunch is served between 12pm and 3pm and dinner between 6pm – 10.30pm.  Again fine but think jacket potato and Thai Green Curry rather than fillet steak.

If you’re paying a couple of thousand pounds for a long haul flight you may be slightly disappointed although if you’re on a short haul hopper then it’s perfectly adequate.

Free Drinks in the BA Business Class Lounge

Now to the important part!  BA have always offered a strong complimentary drinks selection within their lounges and the Heathrow T5 BA Galleries South Lounge is no exception.

BA Galleries Lounge Review

Similar to the Galleries Lounge North, don’t always visit the first bar you see if you’re a wine drinker.  You’ll notice that there are a number of ‘wine stations’ dotted around the T5 Galleries South lounge so make the most of these!  I found 5 different bottles during my scout around.

As you can imagine there are also various spirits including:

  • Gin – Bombay Sapphire and Gordon’s
  • Vodka – Smirnoff and Grey Goose
  • Baileys
  • Southern Comfort
  • Glenlivet Whisky
  • Baileys
  • Johnie Walker Red Label
  • The list goes on

Now the vital part, Champagne is available but only on demand.  Ask one of the waiters and they’ll bring it over to you.

Additional Amenities in the Galleries Lounge South

The BA Business Galleries Lounge South is situated close to the Elemis Spa facilities.  A 15 minutes complimentary session is available to anyone flying in Club World or First Class cabin or for Gold Card Holders flying longhaul.  The facilities in the main terminal can be pretty busy (especially when first class passengers are able to book ahead whereas anyone traveling Club Europe has to book on arrival).  We’d advise either heading over to the facilities at T5B or getting there super early!

For those wanting to use the shower facilities get yourself booked in early.  These are less busy than the Galleries North Lounge however if you’re looking for the quietest then why not try the T5B Galleries Lounge.

The business facilities have been improved over the last 6 months so are a slight step up since I last visited.  Those visiting with kids can also use the kids room (just turn right at the entrance and walk through).  The lounge also offers a good selection of magazines and newspapers.

Thrifty Pence’s Final Thoughts on the BA t5 Galleries Lounge south

The slightly inaccessible entrance means that the T5 Galleries South Lounge is slightly quieter than the north although given the size I’m sure it holds more people.  If you’ve got a little more time on your hands then I’d definitely recommend walking over to this lounge and making the most of the facilities!

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed the Heathrow T5 Galleries Lounge North review.

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