Pricematik Review – Why I’m Thinking of Converting?

PriceMatik vs Profit Scraper

If you’re a returning reader to the blog, you’ll know that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time building up an Amazon to eBay drop shipping business.  If you’re new to the blog you may want to read my full introduction to Amazon to eBay drop shipping here.  I currently have over 2,500 items currently advertised on eBay, which has only been possible through automation and in particular Profit Scraper.  As some of you may be aware, the waiting list for Profit Scraper is growing and as such I’ve been inundated with questions about other platforms offering similar functionality to Profit Scraper.
Pricematik Review Thriftypence


From my experience the only other real competitor in the market is Pricematik.  I signed up to a free trail using this link to test the software and provide an overview of my experience below.


So let’s start by comparing the cost of the two platforms:

Listings Profit Scraper Pricematik
500 $67 N/A
1,000 $97 $100
2,500 $167 NA
3,000 NA $160
5,000 $297 $220
10,000 $497 $370
20,000 NA $520

It is clear from the above that Pricematik is considerably cheaper than Profit Scraper once you get to about 5,000 items.  Whilst not set out above Pricematik also offers smaller incremental increases in listing between subscription categories.  This allows you to scale the business slightly slower.  A positive if you’re new to Amazon to eBay Arbitrage.

Finding Opportunities

Similar to Profit Scraper, Pricematik offers the ability to scrape other eBay sellers. Whilst this is helpful to get started initially, where considerable profit is made is when you identify an item with little or no competition.

Pricematik Review Thriftypence

Unlike Profit Scraper, Pricematik provides a function to upload individual products.  A real plus in my eyes!

Listing to eBay

Pricematik offers clean straight forward software which allows you to upload products to eBay by the click of a mouse.  Once on eBay the software automatically monitors pricing and inventory (exactly the same as Profit Scraper).

PriceMatik Review Thrifty Pence

Automatic ordering

As with Profit Scraper, you’re able to run automatic ordering services with Pricematik.  To enable this function you’ll need to buy credits at $0.40 per credit.   This is again marginally cheaper than Profit Scraper.  However depending on how much time you have I’d recommend you do this part yourself.  See my full Amazon to eBay Arbitrage article here for the reason why.

Customer Service

As always, it’s important that the software is supported by strong customer service.  Whilst the product was easy to set up, I questioned a couple of things (to test their responsiveness) and was surprised with the speedy replies from Nick (the founder) in both instances.


Whilst having been a strong advocate of Profit Scraper over the last 6 months (see my review here), the free trail at Pricematik has opened my eyes to a very similar product offering for a reduced price.  I would strongly recommend considering Pricematik if you are unable to sign up to Profit Scraper (sign up to the waiting list here) or alternative are planning on listing more than 2,500 items going forwards.   In fact I’m currently toying with the idea of switching my business across (I’ll let you know what I decide in due course).  Use this link to sign up for a free trail with Pricematik now.

Pricematik Sign Up

As always please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.   If you want to find out more about Amazon to eBay Arbitrage please visit the following post:

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