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Profit Accumulator Review

Matched Betting is a phenonium which has been around for sometime now.  In fact it funded my slightly extravagant university lifestyle almost 10 years ago.  Whilst the concept has remained the same since then, the software platforms available have gone from strength to strength.  Following my introduction to matched betting guide, I’ve had a number of requests to provide a Profit Accumulator Review.Profit Accumulator Software Review

Originally started by a student, Profit Accumulator (PA) has become one of the largest matched betting service provides with over 20,000 active customers.

For those of you that are new to Matched Betting, I’d recommend taking the time to read my introduction to matched betting guide.

Profit Accumulator Platform Review

Before I jump feet first into this Profit Accumulator Review, it may just be helpful to remind everyone what matched betting exactly is.  It’s basically a technique that enables you to guarantee mathematically a profit from the 100’s of free bet promotions offered by Bookmakers.  If undertaken with precision and care there is no chance (or risk) involved.  The only risk of losing your initial capital is through human/user error which is why myself and thousands of others use online platforms (like Profit Accumulator) to somewhat automate the process.

Profit Accumulator Cost – PA offers both a free service (where you can earn up to £45) and a platinum version which is priced at £17.99.  This is slightly higher than it’s closest competitor Oddsmonkey (more on that later).  Profit Accumulator does however offer a 30 day trial of the Platinum version for just £1 per day.

Profit Accumulator Software Review


The key benefits of each version of the matched betting software is provided below:

Free Software – Sign Up Here

  • Introduction Training Guides
  • Earn up to £45
  • No credit card details required
  • Simple calculator and oddsmatching platform
  • Basic online customer support

Platinum Software – Sign Up Here

  • Earn ongoing profits
  • Access over 100+ tutorials
  • Oddsmatching tool
  • Dutching tool
  • Racing Matcher
  • Daily Offer Calendar
  • Online Forum
  • Customer Support
  • 30 day 100% money-back guarantee

The platform provides a step by step guide to finding signup bonuses, undertaking the various processes to unlock these free bets and maximising the amount of money made.  The profit tracker is a key tool to help to keep on top of those bets and the amount of money you’ve amassed.  When I was doing this at university I made well over £10,000 although I had to track my winnings in an excel document (how times change!).

Online Platform Layout

With over 100,000 paying customers since 2014, the software has had to adapt and has grown into a reliable platform used monthly by over 20,000 matched bettors.

The actual layout of the software is slightly more basic than it’s closest competitor Oddsmonkey, however offers nearly all the same services.  The platform is broken down into a number of key areas.  These include:

Oddsmatcher:  This quickly compares odds offered by various bookies for 1000’s of different sporting events.  It identifies opportunities where there are possible arbitrage opportunities (i.e you’re guaranteed to win no matter the outcome).

Profit Accumulator Software Review

Calculator: Available to both free and Platinum subscriptions.  The calculator is easy to use with advanced features built in.

Acca Catcher:  Allows the user to guarantee profits from football accumulator bets. Whilst verging on the slightly more technical side of matched betting, accumulators are an on going source of income in matched betting.

Dutching (Beta):  Instead of backing and laying with a bookmaker and exchange, the dutching software helps members cover all outcomes with bookmaker bets.

Each Way Catcher:  A handy tool which sorts close matches on each-way horse racing bets.

Profit Tracker:  I just wish this was available when I started Matched Betting.  The software allows you to track all of your bets and profit.  This is a great way to keep a handle on your various bets (rather than using a pesky excel document).

Profit Accumulator Software Review

Step by Step Matched Betting Tutorials

With the free version of Profit Accumulator you’ll have access to 2 free matched betting tutorials which can net you nearly £45.  This would pay for over 2 months of your subscription before you even start off (worth considering!).

With the platinum version there’s access to over 100 step by step guides to redeeming sign up bonuses ranging anywhere from £5 to £100 per sign up.  Whilst the step by step process is extremely comprehensive and straight forwards, it just feels slightly more basic than the likes of Oddmonkey (read my review here).

The link to the oddsmatching software doesn’t automatically filter the results for the subject sign up.  Whilst this is easy to do, you definitely notice how fluid the Oddsmonkey platform is in comparison.  Links to the calculator are great and most contain step by step videos to make the process easier.

Customer Service

Simply great.  To test out the customer service I thought I’d call to ask for help with the Acca Catcher.  The customer service representative was very helpful and went out of her way to make sure that I fully understood the capabilities of the software.

For smaller queries, Profit Accumulator has an active forum where it’s possible to track down the answers to most questions.

Closest Competitors

There are two other full service providers on the market which I’ve also reviewed.  Oddsmonkey and MatchedBets.  Both offer free trials if you do fancy testing out some of the competition.

The simple interface of Profit Accumulator is easy to use with clear step-by-step instructions however at £17.99 per month it’s more expensive than Oddsmonkey.  MatchedBets is less advanced as the other two however does offer the vast majority of the functions.

Links to my reviews and free trials can be found here:

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Customer Reviews – Don’t just believe what I say…

Now it’s very easy for me to sing praises for Profit Accumulator software however I thought it’d be useful to provide reviews by a couple of others.  Both the Guardian and Telegraph have reviewed the software and had significant results.  See some snippets below:


Profit Accumulator Review Summary

As one of the longest running full service matched betting software providers, Profit Accumulator has developed into an outstanding platform.  Many people have used this software to make £1,000s in tax free income.  Profit Accumulator offers both a free trial where you can earn up to £45 in free bets and £1 offer to sign up to it’s platinum service for 30 days.  The software is £17.99 per month thereafter.  Truthfully, I think the Profit Accumulator is a great platform however the unbelievably fluid nature of Oddsmonkey is why I use their services (read my review here).

Profit Accumulator Review

As always I hope you’ve found this Profit Accumulator review useful.  Take some time to read some of the other articles below and please do share this post if you think any of your friends benefit from risk free cash.


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