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Profit Squirrel Review

I’m someone who likes value for money.  Whether it’s shopping on the high street, eating at a restaurant or even Matched Betting, I’m always conscious to make sure the price tag reflects the service/product offered.  As many may already know, I used the wonder of matched betting to fund my way through university and have taken it upon myself to shout it from the roof tops.  You think that all those promises you read of £1,000 plus per month are to good to be true.  If you read this Profit Squirrel Review I’ll tell you exactly how it’s done.

Profit Squirrel Software Review

Benefits of Matched Betting Software

Matched betting uses mathematical formulas to guarantee that no matter what the outcome you’ll be able to extract free bets from online bookmakers.  If undertaken correctly there is no risk.  However where ever there’s humans involved there’s always a risk of human error.  This is why it’s so important to sign up to either a free or ‘paid for’ matched betting software platform.

Now it can be a minefield selecting the right platform and there are plenty of dishonest people out there looking to make a quick buck so I’ve taken the time to review a significant amount of products to sift the wheat from the chaff.

Profit Squirrel  Review

On the surface Profit Squirrel looks like almost any other matched betting service provider.  The landing page has some interesting videos.  There are the standard Coral sign up bonuses.  Is it me or does this look like a carbon copy of a number of other provides out there?

It’s not when you get to the price at £24.99 that you release there really is something funny going on here.  Three of the best providers in the market charge £15 (Oddsmonkey), £14 (Matchedbets) and £17.99 (Profit Accumulator).  Let’s hope they’ve developed something that’s going to drive profit by 66% (difference between Oddsmonkey and Profit Squirrel) otherwise you’re simply not getting value for money.

What’s more Profit Squirrel doesn’t even provide a free trial.  If you’re interest in full service software with free trials I’d recommend reading:

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If you’re still interested in the Profit Squirrel software read on to find out why I only gave it 2 out of 5 stars.

Profit Squirrel Platform Review

Paying £24.99 to test the software pained me somewhat, but I went ahead anyway.  Profit Squirrel has spent a significant amount on advertising over the last 12 months on the likes of Facebook.  This may be one reason why they’ve been able to charge in excess of market fees because the vast majority have been drawn in by the marketing hype.

Now drilling down into the platform.  What do you get for your buck?  Well like most platform’s the Profit Squirrel product focuses on free sign up bonuses.  Each sign up bonus has easy to follow step by step instructions of how to redeem the bet.

Profit Squirrel Software Review

At this point you’ll need to take a trip over to the Matching page.  Whilst the software does indeed offer bet matching services, similar offerings can be found for a fraction of the price online.  You’ll then need to take the data from the matching page and manually enter it into the calculator.  Note that the cheaper alternatives do this for you automatically.  Watch the video on Profit Squirrels website to see exactly what I’m talking about.

By this point, I’ve opened three separate pages and haven’t even made my way to either the bookmaker or the betting exchange.  With all of this manual input required there’s a higher chance of human error – something we’re trying to avoid at all costs!

Profit Squirrel Software ReviewSo I’ve signed up to the software paying 66% more than a full service competitor, manually entered a considerable amount of data, surely there must be some positives?  There are.

The platform incorporates a handy profit tracker.  When I started matched betting at university nearly 10 years ago I had to create my own bespoke excel model to undertake this.  It’s great that these now come as standard on all of the matched betting platforms.

Profit Squirrel Software Review

The second plus is the money back guarantee. If you don’t make a profit from the tutorials, they’ll give you your money back plus £100 cash.  Now that does seem like a win/win scenario.  Note that you could signup to the Oddsmonkey free service and make nearly £45 before you have to spend a penny on subscription costs.

Closest Competitors

It’s difficult to compare the likes of Oddsmonkey, Matchedbets or Profit Accumulator with the Profit Squirrel product.  At well over 50% more expensive than the three and offering less than half the functionality (in Thrifty Pence’s opinion) Profit Squirrel is unfortunately in the second division when it comes to Matched Betting Software.

You can try the free trials for all three software’s below (and FYI they’re ranked in my order of preference!):

Oddsmonkey Free Trial

MatchedBets Free Trial

Profit Accumulator Free Trial

Customer Reviews – Don’t just believe what I say…

Unfortunately, from the looks of it I’m not the only one who thinks along these lines:

Profit Squirrel Review

Profit Squirrel Review

Profit Squirrel Review Summary

The company appears to have spent a considerable amount on marketing to those who may not have heard or ever thought of Matched Betting before.  As such they’ve been able to charge high fees for a substandard service.  Whilst I do not doubt you’ll be able to make profit with Profit Squirrel software I truly feel that the additional layers of manual inputting will result in loss for the end user (i.e you and me).   Having made well over £10,000 with matched betting I strongly believe that having the best available software is vital to your matched betting career success.

As always I hope you’ve found this Profit Squirrel review useful.  Take some time to read some of the other articles below and please do share this post if you think any of your friends will benefit from risk free cash.  Use the link to below to be taken directly to the Profit Squirrel sign up page.


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